Politics and Painting

Had a great time at our fundraiser Wine party and painting lesson last night! We are doing another one September 19th from 6 to 8 PM in Fayette County. We would like to expand this to other areas of the district. Thanks to Corinne Westerfield president of the Fayette County Democratic Women’s group for putting this on and to Tim Rose Chairman of the Fayette County Democratic Party for hosting and thanks to Brenn Pruet Kunkel for the great lesson and art instruction!



Talking with Barry about the Democratic National Convention


Barry answers your questions on the convention!

 Christopher Aune  asksThanks for the insight above(see additional blog post State of The Movement). I think the convention was well staged, and I loved several of the speeches. But much of the Bernie movement happened outside. First question: What was your personal experience outside?

Barry Welsh answers Christopher Aune: Thank you for that question. My experience outside was the most real part of the week. One on one and small group talks with both fellow Sanders supporters and with Hillary’s people, As a congressional candidate, I was able to accomplish a lot of media hits, and several of those were because of Susie Talevski, others were because of where I chose to be when not in the arena, and that was near the media entrance. I talked one evening for a few minutes with a DHS agent about the security and will talk more about that in a separate post. The most profound moments outside came on the final night of the convention when I met some of the protesters that had been camping in the park making their voices heard as they fought corruption. I had so many experiences outside the arena Christopher that it would fill a book to talk in depth about them all, but I hope this gives you a brief glimpse.

Christopher Aune asksSecond question: The movement seems to be reactionary to certain issues instead of visionary of what the changes will look like in individuals’ lives and in communities. What will the key changes be? And how will that make things different for me and for our communities? Thanks!

Barry Welsh answers Christopher Aune: One of the main focus points is corruption, corruption in the economic system, the government, the election system, the political parties. Remove that corruption and replace self-servants with term limited public servants and things begin to change with just that adjustment. How would things be different for you? Securing and re-paying the social security trust, strengthening medicare and removing the insurance companies from the healthcare system, increasing the minimum wage would give not only those at the minimum wage but those slightly above it, a much over due cost of living raise, and that money would go back into the system and tax revenues would increase and if priorities are managed correctly, the debt begins to come down. I believe all of these things and more will make life better for you and the communities I hope to serve. Thank you again for taking the time to ask! 

David M. Kirk asksDid you feel welcome as a Sanders delegate, or were you pushed to the side and / or ignored?

Barry Welsh answers David M. Kirk : Great question and thank you for asking. I was very welcomed by the Indiana delegation, both Sanders and Clinton supporters, and our 6th District Delegation was great together. There was nothing but respect and positive feelings in our 6th district group, at least from my perspective. At the delegate hotel, I hung out with “the cool kids” a lot, and with people that were not from our part of the state, and I did a lot of listening and asking questions. At the arena and at the convention center downtown, I had conversations with such a diverse group of people from across the nation and around the world. For the most part, I didn’t feel pushed aside or ignored, I felt embraced and accepted, there were times when we were called “you Bernie People!” and the disdain was obvious. There was one very hard moment to go through, where I did feel totally ignored and pushed to the side, and that was when Secretary Clinton was announced as having more votes from Indiana than Senator Sanders when we all know he won this state. We knew it was coming as that is the way the system is set up, I didn’t protest it, but it was hard to take. After that night I switched to full Congressional Candidate mode and tired to get the message out to any media that would listen, that I still support Bernie Sanders and will do so when he is in the Senate from my seat in the House! Senator Sanders won this district so I know there are many supporters of his out there they just aren’t activists yet, but the activists we have in this district and very active and very passionate and they are great, Amanda Vinup-Noell, Kelly Knight, Christina Persson, just to name a few, and hopefully the closer we get to this election and the more vocal I become, the more empowered the people of this district will become and we take the first step to removing big money from politics by simply showing it can be done! Thank you again for the question David, and I hope I have adequately answered it. Below, Indiana 6th District Delegation and Susan Bayh.


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State of The Movement

Let me begin by saying I do not claim to speak for the group or anyone other than myself. The below is based on my feelings, observations, communications, and feelings others have expressed to me.

For those that believe the Sanders supporters are just millennials that want free stuff, you could not be farther from reality. First, there are millennial Republicans and traditional democrats. The millennials in the movement are passionate about stopping corruption, including corruption in the Democratic Party, the government, and the political process itself, getting big money out of politics, passionate about women’s rights and equal pay, human justice, social justice, the environment, stopping the domination of the military industrial complex and so much more, the same issues as those of us who are not in that age range, and there are so many more of us than most of you realize. There are those that try to marginalize the movement by saying it is just youth wanting free stuff and those that do that do so at their own political peril.

The anger is real and the anger is justified. The DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign against Senator Sanders and therefore by default, against 13 million of us who are very politically active. We knew it was happening and now everyone else does too.

While I appreciate Secretary Clinton in her Thursday night acceptance speech acknowledging Senator Sanders and those of us who support him, one more sentence from her could have gone a long way: “I also want to say that it was wrong the way the DNC treated the Sanders campaign and I apologize and will continue to reach out and try to make it right.” Instead we got told to fall in line, and isn’t that more the Republican way of doing things? Think about it.


I am running against Luke Messer, previously a Koch Brothers Legal advisor, hand-picked successor to Mike Pence and a fall in line, big money, bought and paid for politician. He has not lifted a finger to stop the pollution of the Ohio River, he has voted to cut veterans benefits, he has voted to cut healthcare benefits, and his goal is to further himself, not the people. If you’re in this district I ask for your vote, because the Alternative is Unacceptable.

Now, questions on the convention!

From Barry To His Volunteers

Hello everyone and thank you again for being on this page. I’m back home from the convention finally after major airline headaches and it was a physically draining, once in a life time event. I will post about it after recouping some. I would like to ask something of you. On the last night of the convention, myself and a couple of fellow Bernie supporters and delegates, went to the park where all of the protesters were to thank them for remaining peaceful, persistent, and patriotic. I was interviewed by social media citizen journalists several times along the way and I cannot find many of them through my normal search methods. If anyone can find one or two it would be great. Thank you! The campaign is just about to ramp up! – B

“We’ve been working against corruption. We’ve been working to get big money out of politics. She represents all of those things to some Bernie voters. That’s not the message we’ve had all the way up to this point, and it’s hard for some people to accept that,” said Barry Welsh, who identified himself as a Bernie delegate from Indiana, reflecting on Clinton. “The harder you try to shove something down someone’s throat, the easier it is for them to vomit it back up,” he said, adding: “A lot of Bernie people feel like that’s what’s happening.” from The Atlantic, 7/25/2016

Barry at the DNC – Daily Update

Day Three Day two, some pics from yesterday, check out the gallery on our new Donations Page! Reporter from Finland that interviewed me. Geraldo Riveria. Joe Donnelly. Andre Carson. Indiana’s youngest delegate. The sign of the DAY! Going to grab a quick nap if possible and then to Wells Fargo Arena for Day three.

Day Two Proudly cast my vote for Bernie Sanders for President at the breakfast this morning at 7:30.
Some of the signs we were given last night at the convention. The Indiana delegation is at about the 11 o clock position from the center of the stage and on the first level up from the floor. New Mexico is right in front of us and Missouri is right behind us. We have assigned seating tonight because of the roll call vote, and I have been placed in the back row and will be to the left of the speaker announcing the Indiana results.

Some good speakers last night, of course Bernie, Corey Booker, and all the governors talking about how bad Mike Pence is. Had some good entertainment as well, with Boyz 2 Men, Demi Lovato, a great local choir to open the event and Paul Simon. Simon was off key a few times but “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” was a fitting message!

Day One of the Democratic Nation Convention is finally over. A 14 hour day in downtown Philadelphia with a 110 degree heat index. Most of my pictures are on camera and I can’t download until I get back, but here are a few with the phone. A rare selfie, backstage with Bernie and Jane Sanders (better pics on camera) where I got to spend a few moments with Jane and give her my contact info and talked to her about getting Senator Sanders to come to the 6th District! The last pic is CNN’s Dana Bash getting ready to do a live shot in front of me. I will be on WRBI at 8:45am tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday. I had interviews today with The Economist, MTV News, VH1+, and a couple others, so it was a good day campaign wise.

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